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Oracle Recruitment Cloud Training R13
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Introduction to Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications
Oracle Fusion Application Architecture
Oracle Cloud Service Types:
SAAS – Software As A Service

Architecture/ Maintenance/Scope

PASS – Platform As A Service

Architecture/ Maintenance/Scope

IASS – Infrastructure As A Service

Architecture/ Maintenance/Scope

Application Security

  • Creation of user/ user accounts/ Implementation User/Employee User
  • Roles / Types of Roles/ Custom roles creation (or) roles customization
  • Role Inheritance / Roles Provisioning/ Role Mapping
  • Copy and Compare Roles
  • Assigning the roles to user/ users
  • Role Based Access Control
  • Functional Setup manager (FSM)
  • Setup and Maintenance
  • Navigations Data Loading (Inbound Integrations) Overview of Inbound Integrations Integrating with Oracle HCM Cloud RAPID Implementation

Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager (FSM)

  • Introduction to Functional Setup Manager (FSM)
  • Understanding Application Implementation Process through FSM
  • Understanding Offerings
  • Understanding Options
  • Enabling Offerings
  • Implementation Project Creation
  • Task Assignments to Team Members
  • Status Tracking
  • Understating Task Lists/Tasks
  • Overview on Offerings Documentation
  • Overview on Rapid Implementation Process

Global HR/ Core HR

  • Establishing Enterprise Structures Using the ESC
  • Reviewing the enterprise Structure Configuration
  • Viewing the Technical Summary Report
  • Loading the Configuration and Rolling Back
  • Legal Entity Role
  • Legal Entity Considerations
  • Legal Entity and its Relationship to Divisions
  • Legal Reporting Units Overview
  • Legislative Data Groups
  • Defining Locations
  • Defining HCM Organizations
  • Actions and Action Reasons
  • Collective Agreements
  • Geography Model
  • Geography Structure
  • Workforce Structure
  • Employment Model
  • HR Transaction (Hire to Retire process)
  • Portraits(ESS/MSS)
  • Flex fields (DFF, EFF, KFF)
  • Value set
  • Lookup Values

Recruitment Cloud Training

  • Learning Objectives
  • Course Objectives
  • Course Agenda

Technical Development

  • Introduction to HCM Extracts Architecture
  • Extracts Terminology: User Entity, Database items etc
  • Different Types of records and data elements
  • How to use fast formula in HCM Extract
  • Delivery Options and BIP Integration
  • Different output format for HCM Extract
  • Development of Extracts
  • Report Creation for Extracts
  • How to Schedule HCM Extracts
  • Maintenance of HCM Extracts
  • Fast Formula Terminology: Database Item
  • Fast Formula Types
  • How to create a fast formulas in detail
  • User Entities
  • Threading Data Base Items
  • User Defined database Items
  • Predefined Database Items
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